“Black Coffee” is a coffee inspired by the True Norwegian Black Metal culture. It was launched in the Norwegian town called Hell, during " Fashion Week in Hell". Supplier Solberg & Hansen have sourced a powerful coffee that captures darkness. 

Vol. 5 is a Heirloom variety with beans from Chelba Cooperativ in Ethiopia. The coffee has an aroma of strawberry, ripe apples, vanilla and with light acidity. Round, sweet and fruity! Order through our webstore here or come by our store in Kristian Augusts gate 13, Oslo. This coffee is a great way to wake up from the dead.
PUBLISHED 20.02.2013
Hell yeah, 2014 has now started for good! But before revealing  what's coming out soon from Anti Denim's fashion lab, let's have a look at this exclusive photo serie not incidentally entitled "To Hell With Fashion"... To discover who is the talented and charming french photographer behind it, just read what's following...

1 - WORK? - "I started working as a freelance photographer in 2005 and quickly specialized in architectural/real estate photography. Although I happened to shoot features for music magazines and rock bands from time to time, it is only very recently that I developed an interest in shooting portraits ...and I've been enjoying it since! I don't know yet which path I'll choose for I am both interested in the aesthetics of fashion and the beauty of architectural design".
2 - INFLUENCES? - "My influences are various and do not necessarily originate from fellow photographers' work, but from all kind of fields such as music, design, literature, sociology...I believe that photography, like any kind of art, should be approached as a multi sensorial experience".

3 - DESIGN/FASHION? - "As a photographer, I am not especially interested in fashion, at least not by industry standards. But I'm rather interested in showing feelings, textures, atmosphere and brand identity. So I guess I won't be shooting products catalogs any time soon".
4 - ANTI DENIM? - "Anti Denim has been a very interesting brand to work with. The dark minimalism of their product was a new experience for me to shoot. Not only Anti Denim is a fresh and unique brand, but it is also a complex and creative one, that keeps pushing further away the boundaries between music and fashion".

Great thanks to french model Victor Douce and Karin Models Paris Agency. And to the photographer, of course!

To discover Chloé's work, here's her portfolio website:
and press:

Chrystèle Nguyen

Click on the picture to see the whole serie: #1. Bathory #2. Give us a skate #3. A Perfect Match #4.Shine On Me Crazy Diamond #5. Chromatic Mood #6. Horns Up! #7.Bulles de Rébellion #8. Lutecia. #9. Chloé Jaouen, photographer.

PUBLISHED 10.01.2014
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